Wooden windows and doors painting

We use only the highest quality dyes and varnishes.

Wooden doors and windows are dyed with environmentally friendly, non-harmful dye that adheres well with the surface of wood that allows the wooden window to “breathe”, i.e. does not swelter, is very well protected from a long-term atmospheric effect, that do not crack when the window moves naturally. They are elastic, are not afraid of frequent thermal fluctuations.

Wood preparation for dyeing and dyeing consists of several steps. Impregnation is conducted by soaking method. Wood treated that way becomes resistant to humidity, rot and vermin. After the impregnation dries, the surface is thoroughly polished, primed twice, it is polished after each priming and dyed in high-pressure applications. After the paint dries, a dry and elastic film forms, the thickness of which is 150..k. When there is lacquering, the wood is impregnated, tinted twice and varnished with transparent lacquer twice.

And any shade of lacquer in accordance to the lacquer color pallet. Clear acrylic varnishes highlight the structure of natural wood, highlight its natural beauty.

The exterior and interior of a wooden window can be dyed differently:

  • varnished on both sides;
  • one side varnished, the other dyed;
  • dyed from both sides;
  • each side of the window is dyed in a different color;

UAB “Kontivis plius partneriai” uses only the highest quality Finnish company TEKNOS and TIKKURILA dyes and varnishes.