Guarantee is applied to all products (windows, doors and their components).

Quality is a well-made window, also its mounting, warranty and post-warranty service and communication with clients. The company certifies its produced produce in accordance with the requirements raised by LST EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016.

A “Kontivis plius partneriai” guarantee is applied to all products (windows, doors and their components) that are built by UAB “Kontivis plius partneriai”. When buying a product, a 5-year warranty is valid from the moment of purchase and is valid for:

The guarantee for all products is applied in accordance with the overall guarantee conditions and exceptions.

Product operation conditions

When storing and transporting windows, it is important to protect them from mechanical damage, contaminants, precipitation, the window fillings are recommended to be lubricated with mechanical oil once in 18 months.

Window care during operation

  • When opening and closing a window, it is necessary that the opening handle would be turned in the proper angle by every method of opening. If the window does not open, do not try to open it by using excessive force and it is necessary to make sure that all actions related to opening or closing were done properly.
  • Window manufacturers recommend using soapy water or glass cleaner when conducting a general window cleaning and to additionally coat a wooden window frame with wax emulsion after cleaning. The dyed surface renews itself after coating with wax emulsion and water is effectively repelled from the dyed surface for three months, thus delaying the surface dyeing deadline.
  • Do not dry clean dusty window glass. Dry abrasive particles can scratch the polished glass surface. Use household measures meant for window cleaning for window cleaning. Wash window middleware with soapy water. Do not use chemically active substances. When repainting the windows remove the middleware and put it back in place after repainting.
  • The care of fillings – during operation, products are affected by various forces (temperature humidity fluctuations, wind load, building deformations). For effect of these forces, difficulties with opening windows may appear. It can be decided if a window has gone out of tune from these signs.

Kontivis plius partneriai is not responsible for the defects, violations and problems arising due to:

We are also not responsible for: