Scandinavian type exterior doors

The thickness of the jamb and panel 116 mm.

The greater part of the wooden exterior doors we produce are designed in accordance with the clients’ sketches. The thickness of the jamb of the exterior doors we produce is 166 mm and the panel profile thickness is 56 mm or 68 mm, depending on the thickness of the package or the filling. They are strong, stable and resistant to climate changes. The heat conductivity quotient can reach up to 1,36W/(m2k). A special MDF warmed plate that can be smooth or with milled edges is used for the filling. Decorative glass dividers that can be glued onto the glass package, mounted inside the package or secured to special holders that it would be easier to clean the glass when they are taken off are produced for the decoration of the doors. The glass can be clear, matted, reflective, patterned, toned, solar control. There is also the possibility to mount safe tempered or laminated glass. For the Scandinavian standard doors, we offer hinges ASSA 701 of a Scandinavian company IPA, and locks FIX 2151 with a three point locking system. The door hinges are of three possible color options: nickel, zinc and dyed.